Ides of March – September

I still have to see Descendants which is the real George Clooney movie at the Festival. This one does actually have George as a supporting actor but he also directs this one which really stars Ryan Gosling. It is a tightly scripted film about the backroom political action as a Governor (Clooney) runs for the Democratic primary. Gosling is the media guy on Clooney’s team led by Philip Seymour Hoffman and the competition is led by Paul Giamatti both in good supporting roles. There is also a really good performance by Marisa Tomei as the NYTimes reporter covering the race. I would not say this is Oscar material but it does point to how messed up the US political system is and how little it has to do with issues. As a result it is rather depressing but it is smart and tight and over in under 90 minutes. I should note that Woody Allen is of the opinion that no movie can really be sustained beyond 90 minutes and there is some truth to that. There are exceptions, Lawrence of Arabia being one, but there is something magic about 90. This movie is good so I recommend it and if you are a Ryan Gosling fan then I really recommend it. It will not win Oscars however.

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