Trespass – September 15

Second movie of the day was Trespass, a home invasion thriller starring Nick Cage and Nicole Kidman. I was attracted to this by the fact that it was a Joel Schumacher although I could as easily said Nick Cage or Nicole Kidman. All of them are really good when they are good but can be really bad too. Sadly this film leans toward the latter category. The script was totally bizarre with twist after twist until it became completely absurd. A home invasion film has the potential to be totally thrilling and chilling but this one was eventually just silly. It’s been awhile since I saw it last but the home invasion film that really made the grade and has yet to be equalled is Wait Until Dark. I still remember people clinging to the ceiling of the theatre the first time they saw Alan Arkin’s key scene. I won’t tell you what it is if you haven’t seen it. Just don’t waste your time on Trespass and go get a copy of Wait Until Dark and sweat it out with Audrey Hepburn.

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