Breakaway – September 11

Another hockey movie. It’s like a trend. This one is basically The Mighty Ducks for Sikhs – The Mighty Sikhs? Director Robert Leiberman actually directed The Mighty Ducks. Basically this is the story of a group of Sikh kids who play pick up hockey and have one player who is really good. They are victims of a local team of bullies and decide to take a chance at skilling up to challenge the bullies for a championship. The story is about breakaways in hockey but also breakaways from traditional Sikh values. The star of the team is rebelling against his rigid traditionalist father who forbids him to play this white Canadian game. Of course at the end they are reconciled. (oops a spoiler)This is a Canadian movie with some big Bollywood stars but also starring Russell Peters, Rob Lowe and a cameo by Ludacris. Predictable but fun the kids find a Canadian coach and make it to the finals which they win in dramatic fashion (oops – another spoiler). The fun is in the Bollywood dance scenes on top of the traditional North American story line. Some funny scenes and charming performances so go see it and enjoy.

Interestingly there is another perspective on this film from a friend of my son who suggested that such films are a bit racist (well he felt they are very racist). Why he argues is it okay to replace traditional values with new Canadian ones and why are the traditionalists like the boy’s father portrayed so negatively? All good points and while I think the movie is respectful in the end of Sikh culture the comment lingers with me nonetheless. Others may be better judges of this than a 7th generation Canadian blogger.

Final remark. The director and several of the stars including Russell Peters were there to introduce the film. I wore a blue collarless shirt that looked a bit like a Nehru shirt. As Peters walked past me he looked down and remarked: “Hey – nice shirt” I am so happy to be dissed by a movie star.

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