It Starts Again!!

TIFF kicked off last night with its opening gala – a somewhat odd pick really – Looper, a sci-fi blockbuster film that will be in theatres very shortly. I think the idea was to move away from opening with a Canadian film that has been hit and miss in the past and go with a potentially “hot” popular film. Personally I thought it was a dumb idea and there are some amazing Oscar worthy films scheduled that would have attracted the TIFF crowd and been far more appropriate. So to counter that today I am off to my first movie – Gatekeepers – a documentary about the Israeli Secret Service which I will see at the new Bloor Cinema that hosts the Hot Docs Festival every spring. This year I have about 20 movies to see which are fewer than I had hoped but should still be a good week. If you come back and check in on “tiffable” on a regular basis you will find a good mixture of possible Oscar nominees and some more obscure but I hope interesting foreign films and documentaries. I also promise to rant on about whatever comes up during the week that thrills me or irritates me. Hopefully it will all be very entertaining.

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