More than Honey – Germany/Austria/Switzerland — Markus Imhoof

Last movie of the week for me and not the best I fear. This is a documentary about bees and theoretically about why they are dying and why that’s and issue for us. I have seen films about this in the past and thought a European perspective would be interesting. Sadly this movie was not. There are some interesting facts but the whole film is disjointed and has no particular direction, conclusion or overall argument to be made. In the end I learned that the current situation of honey bees is dire, that the reasons are multifactorial and mostly our fault for overbreeding and treating them as a commodity, and that forty percent of our food is dependent on their survival. What can or can’t be done about the situation is touched on mostly in terms of correcting the way we breed them and care for them but the director loses control of the message and it becomes muddled and confusing. So sadly not a great way to end my week of films but so it goes. Next post will summarize the week.

More than Honey

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