The Connection – Cedric Jimenez, Director

This is a French take on the William Friedkin film The French Connection but should not be seen as a remake but rather the as the French take on the same story which is about the heroin drug trafficking through Marseilles in the 70’s and 80’s. The film is based on fact and real characters including the judge who was murdered and the drug lord who also was taken down. The story is thrilling without too much violence and more intellect than in your normal American thriller. It also lacks a Hollywood ending which is a relief. I really liked this film and I hope it shows up on Toronto screens despite it being in French with subtitles. For those of you who saw the Artist you can be happy that it stars Jean Dujardin who won an Oscar for that role. While The French Connection with Gene Hackman is a great film, this film is just as good although far more historically accurate and very French. Be sure to see it and why not have a look at The French Connection while you are visiting this time and story. Oh… the sound track is totally awesome for those of us born before 1970.

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