Daily Archives: February 26, 2016

Embrace of the Serpent – Director, Ciro Guerra

One of the nominees for Best Foreign Language Film and while it has received some very positive reviews I found it long and boring. The idea of the film is great. It juxtaposes two European travellers/adventures/explorers whose travels into the Amazonian rain forest are separated by several decades. The thing that ties them together is the shaman who travels with them both, once as a young man and later as elderly. He carries memories that ties the two together. The plan is to educate these two explorers about the land and people and show them the damage that Europeans have brought to the Amazon. Unfortunately, it plays as a pedantic guilt trip and is incredibly slow moving and tedious. A great idea gone wrong. I think a lot of the praise is based on European guilt for the cultural and economic destruction of colonialism. I sadly cannot recommend this film to you.