Filmish – Book Review, Author, Edward Ross

Filmish presents a graphic non fiction look at the history and impact of film over the last 100 years. Lots of film fans are reluctant to read books about film and the history of film by critics and academics which can turn film viewing into a boring academic exercise that is essentially just opinion anyway. Do you really believe Citizen Kane is the best movie ever made? Do you care? When you know that its really a choice between Casablanca and Lawrence of Arabia (or secretly – Star Wars: Episode IV)?

I enjoyed the book because it of the art work and the opinions. Ross has divided into chapters describing how film influences or uses the eye, time, voice and language and ideology and technology. It is not academic but raises many questions and challenges the reader to think about their own experience of watching a movie. For those who are inspired to look more deeply into the literature around film, the author quotes many of the more notable critics and writers and provides a superb bibliography. Reading the book will definitely change how you watch movies without wrecking the experience for you. Highly recommended.