Daily Archives: May 21, 2016

Age of Consequences – Director, Jared P. Scott

I really enjoyed this film but mostly for the content which I strongly support. While many believe now that climate change is real and a smaller but significant believe humans are the cause, most have no real idea what that means other than it will get hotter and in the distant future (5 decades or so) we will need to do something about it. This film makes it clear that we are already dealing with the impact of climate change and need to do something immediately. Already dealing with it? The Pentagon has taken it totally seriously and recognizes that most of the conflict in the world today can be traced directly to climate change. This includes drought, famine, desertification, intolerable heat in the Middle East and South Asia and worse to come. The reality is that our civilization may not survive the next 10 -20 years. We need to address issues like flooding, wild fires, famine and drought. Our infrastructure is very fragile particularly our power grids and they are all vulnerable to increasing storms. The surge of refugees is already destabilizing Europe and it will get worse as many millions flee intolerable conditions in the southern regions. Some of the more frightening material from this film comes from people like retired US Rear Admiral David Titley. Titley chaired the US Navy Task Force on Climate Change and he has many dire warnings for us. This film was one of several at the festival this year urging us to wake up quickly to the threats facing us today. An important film all should see.

Migrant Dreams – Director, Min Sook Lee

This is a film that shook me up and embarrassed me for my ignorance about Canada’s temporary foreign workers program and how the “local” food I buy and eat is produced. Recently there was a hue and cry when it was discovered that Heinz was no longer going to buy tomatoes for its best selling ketchup from farms in Leamington Ontario and closed a bottling plant in the town that had been operating for decades putting lots of locals out of work. Loblaw’s took the brunt of the criticism when they decided to drop sales of French’s ketchup. French’s ketchup it turned out used tomatoes from Leamington. The outrage was so bad that Loblaw’s had to back off and reinstated French’s ketchup. (which actually tastes better if you ask me.) At any rate I joined in the sense of outrage at least moderately but this was before I knew what I know now. This movie paints a pretty awful picture of the industrial farming that goes on in this “Idyllic” farming community of Southwest Ontario. Huge green houses are used to grow crops and are staffed by migrant workers who are virtual prisoners of their employers. Part of the defence for the employers is that they hire through recruiting agencies and are at arm’s length from the way the workers are treated. Without getting into detail you need to see this film to understand how our national and provincial governments allow this abuse to continue. I hope you will see the movie but then go to the website and sign the petition. Here is the link: http://www.migrantdreams.ca/ and Petition