Black Code, Director — Nicholas de Pencier


Black Code is a Canadian documentary about the Internet and mass surveillance. The film makes it clear that it is not all bad but it is definitely not all good either. The Internet and access through multiple devices including phones, tablets and PC’s has changed how much we know about what is happening in the world. The film takes images from exiled Tibetans and riots and protests in Brazil. Police brutality and spreading the truth about oppression in Tibet are quickly available around the world. At the same time however, those who want to hide from their crimes: police and oppressive regimes, use the same technology to find and arrest or do much worse to the protesters. The spread of this kind of surveillance has of course spread to the whole world as revealed by Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. The film being Canadian focuses on Ron Deibert the director of the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs. This small group of hacktivists has been responsible for monitoring the use and abuse of the Internet. I liked the movie very much and learned a great deal. When I compare it to Werner Herzog’s empty and pointless Lo and Behold there is nothing to say. This film is just far far superior, far far more intelligent, far far more insightful, just far far better. There – got another dig in at one of the world’s most overrated directors. So if you want to learn about the Internet and its impact on society see this good Canadian Doc when it is released later this year.