The Rolling Stones Olé Olé Olé! : A Trip Across Latin America, Director — Paul Dugdale

This is a documentary about the Rolling Stones recent concert tour to Latin America that ends with their historic first ever concert in Havana Cuba. The film follows the band around from Rio, to Montevideo to Peru and finally to Havana. In course of the journey we see the band members interacting including a great back stage performance of Honky Tonk Women with Keith Richards on acoustic guitar and Mick singing just the two of them. Keith and Mick are the leaders and they have the most screen time between them. The concerts are loud and entertaining the fans scream throughout often drowning out the music. The director clearly has a great relationship with the band and you get some wonderful moments with them all. The movie progresses but the Havana concert is the ongoing story as preparations are made. The date of the concert has to be moved eventually because it conflicts with President Obama’s visit to Cuba, the first of a US President in 80 years. The concert is moved 5 days ahead and is now scheduled on Good Friday. Not a huge issue in a communist country but the Pope gets involved and the whole thing is nearly cancelled. Thankfully the Cuban government intervenes and the concert goes as scheduled. The final scenes of the concert are an absolutely great performance of I Can’t Get No, Satisfaction. It is loud, it is great, the crowd is screaming, Mick is screaming and you just get totally absorbed into one of the archetypal rock songs of the 60’s. Great stuff. You have to remember these guys are all in their 70’s and the energy they exude would make any 20 year old jealous. Mick is stunning as he races around the stage, dancing and singing. The only member who acts his age at all is Charlie Watts and he is still a classic rock band drummer. So much fun.