A Friendship in Tow/Toe, Director – Atsushi Kuwayama

This was a very short ten-minute doc that was likely my second favourite of the 2017 Hot Docs Festival. Directed by a Japanese director and set on a long stairway in a hilly part of Lisbon it follows an elderly disabled Portuguese woman as she is assisted up the stairs by a young Japanese tourist. On the way they talk but the language difficulties make it a comedy of errors as they struggle to climb and understand one another. The conversation and the setting are the whole story so I won’t spoil it by detailing it but only to tell you it is humourous, human and lovely. The film ends as they reach the summit and part ways. Worth a watch if you get the opportunity. Here is a link to the trailer to give you a sense of it: https://sushikuwayama.com/ate-a-procima/