Daily Archives: September 12, 2017

Chappaquiddick – Director, John Curran


I chose this film largely out of curiosity but also because of the cast that included Ed Helms of Daily Show fame, Jim Gaffigan, and Bruce Dern. The prior two are well known comics and so I wondered how that would all go down. I was very worried, however, that it would not be done well. I was happily surprised to be entertained by an intelligent, complex look at the incident and at Teddy who reacted as many might to a personal crisis. Many are conflicted about all the Kennedy’s from JFK to Bobby to Teddy and especially Joe. They all had flaws but also all did great things. The film does not hesitate to point to the flaws especially around Teddy but also does not condemn him. I have always had questions about the Chappaquiddick incident but been a fan of the work Teddy did throughout his long career as a Senator. So, I left the film unchanged in my opinion but with a deeper understanding of the times and the Kennedy’s. An excellent script drives the movie and some superb acting. There was an excellent Q and A afterwards that included Ed Helms and Gaffigan as well as the star, Jason Clarke. It was funny and wise. Look for lots of Oscar nominations for this one.