Le Capital – France – Costa-Gavras

We all know Costa-Gavras right? “Z”, State of Siege”, “Missing” all great left wing (far left wing) brilliant films that highlighted major issues of their time. This year Costa-Gavras has given us his look at the banking crisis and the banking industry in general and it is a brilliantly satirical look too (although not funny at all). It tells the story of a young and ambitious banker who has definite insight into the moral and ethical lines he is crossing as he is promoted CEO of a major European Bank at a critical time in it’s development. He is placed there by manipulative investors who hope to take advantage of his inexperience through greed and seduction. I will not give away the plot but racing back and forth among Paris, Miami, New York, London and Tokyo, it is an exciting and sexy economic thriller if such a thing can exist. It follows many twists and turns right up to the final lines (which are great!!) and the fade to black. No matter what your politics you cannot help but enjoy a master film maker and story teller in action.

Big thrill for me was having the man himself there as well as the lead actor. I have loved his films from when I first saw “Z” in 1969, (yes I am that old!), and I urge you all to hunt them down on DVD and watch just to be entertained and to have your eyes opened. He is a great Director. Enough said.

Le Capital

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