Writers – United States – Josh Boone

Again we had the whole cast and the director there for the presentation. Biggest name? Greg Kinnear who is the star in name but is overshadowed not unwillingly but a superb young cast who play his coming of age kids and their first loves. The Chair of the Board of Directors of TIFF introduced the film and clearly was out of place and unsure how to introduce the cast. It was sadly very awkward but still great to see them. The Chair suggested to us that the movie was a hilarious look at relationships as the come apart and come together again. Well… hilarious it’s not, touching, warm and insightful it is. I found myself thinking alternatively that this was a typical melodramatic Hollywood treatment of love lost and won, but the young cast kept it from becoming that and it became very moving for me. So while not hilarious, there is humour and the story is entertaining, well-paced and you really care about all the characters. It’s a film about writers and it is very well written. It will be out this fall and definitely worth a night out. Hey even Stephen King has a cameo.


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