The Art of the Steal – Director, Jonathan Sobel

Awesome movie. Great trash. After a very insightful but depressing and emotionally draining day in the Middle East I was ready for this movie. A comic con/heist film in the grand tradition of same and Canadian as maple syrup. The cast is pictured above with the exception of Jason Jones (Canadian comic seen most on The Daily Show.) and Terrence Stamp. The director is from Niagara Falls – our side — Jones is from Hamilton and, turning in a tour de force performance, from Montreal, is Jay Baruchel (Tropic Thunder, Goon, and The Trotsky to name but a few of his credits). This a smart, well written, fast paced comedy with some accomplished actors clearly having a great time. Kurt Russell plays an ex art thief who now, down on his luck, works as a third rate motorcycle stunt driver. He is drawn into a plot to steal and sell a Gutenberg Press edition of the Gospel of James by his half-brother (Matt Dillon) who years earlier had betrayed Russell and sent him to a Polish prison. It’s complicated but Russell is clearly out for revenge. The story races along until the inevitable twist ending that is entirely satisfying. Jay Baruchel plays Russell’s incompetent sidekick and Jason Jones is the Interpol agent chasing them all. Great fun. If you need a night out at the movies to forget your troubles and woes head for this one and you will leave completely refreshed.

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