She Shoots! She Scores!

Okay – I did not spend the entire week sitting in dark rooms with strangers. Today I went to see my youngest granddaughter play soccer in an end of season tournament. I couldn’t see all the games unfortunately but I did get to see the most exciting one. Her team was playing the “Red Team” who are very good but missing their two best players, known only as “The Twins”! They apparently were away for two weeks on a Disney Cruise with their parents. Nonetheless this team was very good even without their stars and my granddaughter, who I will call SW, sporting very classy yellow soccer boots was facing one of her greatest challenges of the season. The Red Team came out strong and by the end of the first half SW and her friends were down 2 – nil. Not to be fazed however they regrouped at half time and came out determined to do better. Within a few minutes they scored to cut the margin to 2-1. The Red Team was shaken but still had the advantage and looked to be able to hold on to the win until with a brilliant dash, SW broke down the field and with a look of determination drove the ball hard into the back of the Red Team’s net. A brilliant strike to rescue her team from defeat scoring the tying goal in the dying minutes of the game. Hooray!!!! Grandpa is super proud.

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