Weiner – Directors, Josh Kriegman Elyse Steinberg

Many will remember the rise and fall so to speak of Anthony Weiner the man with the unfortunate name given his troubles. Weiner was a sharp, quick witted, left leaning. Democratic Congressman from New York whose fall from grace began with him texting a photograph of his privates to a woman admirer or at least a woman he admired. He was the object of ridicule on the Daily Show, the Colbert Report and on news media around the world. After the scandal that brought him down in 2011 he tried to revive his political career by running for mayor of New York City against Bill de Blasio. He agreed to allow a film crew inside the campaign to follow his run which he had a real chance of winning. The film gives great insight into the man and the nature of a political campaign but the outcome was not as he expected. Having already been a self inflicted victim of scandal he could not resist temptation and during the campaign he again texted images of his anatomy and was caught. The campaign crashed and burned and the film follows him all the way down with revealing comments from himself and his family and co-workers. It is stunning that he allowed the film to be released and says something about the man, his ego and the times. If you ever wondered how Bill and Hillary stayed together you get some idea of this from the film. Weiner and his wife are both political animals first and human beings afterward. She is one of Hillary Clinton’s closest advisors and is still to this day. Weiner himself is a politician in the fullest sense and while likely no longer electable is making a career out of being a pundit and political commentator. He has no shame and either does his wife apparently. This documentary is a great insight into American politics and hugely entertaining. Weiner is an incredibly charismatic, over the top personality that leaves you shaking your head at what happens, how open he is and where US politics is headed. It is out in wide release now so should show up in Toronto theatres before long.