Meuthen’s Party, Director – Marc Eberhardt

In the days of Trump this kind of film is imperative to see. Trump is an extreme ranter and joins other right wing, fascist oriented leaders in Western democracies. Meuthen’s Party reveals another sort of right wing leader more in the style of Mike Pence. Meuthen is an economics professor who enters German politics with the leading right wing party. Unlike the more extreme members he puts force a more moderate face, backing off outrageous rhetoric and working to win over more centrist oriented voters. The director gets permission to follow him during his campaign and gives us an inside look at this new kind of right wing politician. Meuthen is successful in overcoming protestors and winning over the votes with a very moderate and rational approach. What changes is when we get to follow him to the party convention where his true political views are revealed to be as odious as any of his more crazed colleagues. It is a very scary film since Meuthen wins and leads his party to a “respectable” result although not to the point of taking power at that time. Democracies must remain on the watch for similar politicians who might reach for power in these tumultuous times.