Recruiting for Jihad, Directors – Adel Khan Farooq and Ulrick Imtiaz Rolfson

Another example of verité documentary style. This time we are in Norway of all places and following a Syrian immigrant who is recruiting volunteers to fight for ISIS. He is very comfortable with his tactics and approach and invites the directors to follow him as he talks to members of the Muslim community in Norway, holds meetings to promote Islam and recruits young people to join the struggle. He is careful not to break laws but his activity is clear. One of the directors is also a Syrian immigrant living in Norway which likely helped him gain the confidence of the recruiter. The film makers followed this extremist over three years gaining greater insight into his ideology and work. The information gathered became more and more incriminating resulting the film footage being seized by police as evidence in cases against the recruiter and some of his recruits. The film was ultimately released but also raised issues about how the fight against terrorism can lead to threats against freedom of speech and the press. An excellent look into a dark world.