Jim & Andy: the Great Beyond – the story of Jim Carrey & Andy Kaufman with a very special, contractually obligated mention of Tony Clifton – Director, Chris Smith


This film, also called just Jim and Andy, is a behind the scenes documentary about the making of the film Man on the Moon in which Jim Carey played Andy Kaufman, one of the truly weird comics of all time but also hugely popular. Kaufman tragically died in his 30’s of lung cancer but in a short career made a big mark on comedy of his time. Carey was challenged to take on his character for the movie and did an amazing character acting job. To accomplish it he took on the personality of Kaufman and his comic style and literally lost himself in the process. This documentary of the making of the film is based almost entirely on the video Carey took during the filming. The rest of the film is a long interview with Carey himself years after making the Man on the Moon and reflecting on Kaufman, his own career and the risks and benefits of taking on a personality not your own. The documentary is wonderful and gives great insight into Carey as an actor and a person. The film has been taken on by Netflix so will be available soon for general viewing. We were also lucky to have the director and Jim Carey present for a Q and A. Carey was funny, warm, and very generous with his time. Unlike the bio film about Eric Clapton which had me lose respect for him, this film and the Q and A made me gain great respect for Carey as and actor and a person. I highly recommend the movie and also encourage you to look up Andy Kaufman videos on YouTube.