TIFF 2013

Hello everyone and welcome back to my movie blog – renamed “Movies rants and raves”.

I hope to keep this going all year rather than just focussing on TIFF so stay tuned. However for now I am focussing on TIFF and I hope something like 20-25 films by the time next Sunday rolls around. First some of the upside. There are over 360 movies being screened from all over the world and there are some major new films available along with big stars (I don’t really need to see them live but if I do I will definitely crow about it) and lots of smaller films both dramatic and documentary and I hope to give you a taste of it all. The downside is the cost and the total confusion of the opening couple of days. The movies are super expensive and organizing the passes to help control the cost is complex and deliberately so I think to maximize income. The whole thing has become a huge money machine which can be really annoying to the average movie fan but if you are addicted to the glowing screen ultimately you put up with it. I have attended movies so far at the Lightbox, Ryerson and Scotiabank Theatre. The volunteers and staff have not figured out crowd control yet and to be honest it has been totally chaotic. The confusion at the Scotiabank Theatre is the worst and to top it off the up escalator broke down and if you have ever been there you know what that means. So they have another day to sort that out before I tear into them on the blog. Wait for it. But enough whining. I have been to the movies and here are the reviews.

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