12, 12, 12 – Director, Harvey Weinstein Guest blog post by Cal Gutkin

“12,12,12” – the documentary of the Concert to raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Sandy  was great. It was the World Premiere of the film and was attended by Harvey Weinstein,the noted Hollywood producer who produced the concert and the movie. George Stroumboulopoulos led a very entertaining and insightful post film Q and A with Weinstein and 4 of the 5 other main producer/ directors(the only one missing was Paul McCartney who sent regrets at the last minute. The big screen and Dolby surround sound made both the scenes of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and the on stage performances during the concert something special.It was a real treat to see and hear some very memorable musical moments offered by many including Bruce Springsteen, McCartney,( backed up by Dave Grohl( Nirvana )and the Foo Fighters, Pete Townsend and The Who, Pearl Jam, R.E.M., Coldplay, Billy Joel, Alicia Keys, The Rolling Stones (although Keith Richards and Ron Wood look like death warmed over, they can still play and rock hard – and it’s incredible to watch Jagger perform and  move on the stage like someone 50 years younger – yes 50! What a role model he is for some of us 😉
There is also a hilarious rendition if Leonard Cohen’s classic” Hallelujah! – performed by Adam Sandler (a performance which, IMHO, exceeds anything he has ever done in the movies)
If you get a chance be sure to see this movie – it’s worth it.

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