Rush – Director, Ron Howard – A guest blog post from Cal Gutkin

Ron Howard’s new film” Rush” is about the infamous personal and professional rivalry between the two best Formula 1 race car drivers of the 1970’s – James Hunt of England and Niki Lauda of Austria. The performances by  Chris Hemsworth as Hunt and Daniel Bruhl as Lauda were great …and looking at Olivia Wilde is never hard to do. The people around me said she was sitting 2 rows in front of us and when that person left, it certainly did look like her. The movie was exceptionally good. Don’t miss it, unless racing car scenes that are probably unlike any ever seen before are not your thing. The true story is very well told and the F-1 race scenes are breathtaking. The movie keeps your emotions on a tightly drawn string pulling you from moments that have you laughing aloud to others that will find you with a huge lump in your throat or crying seconds after you were white knuckled from gripping your armrest as though you were the one in the driver’s seat of the Ferrari going 170 mph in a driving rainstorm. The packed house audience (at noon on a Monday I thought only old retired people would be found at the movies) (Hey Cal, this is TIFF!! – comment from P.R.) was made up of what looked like equal numbers of men and women of all age groups. The film received a thunderous and prolonged ovation at the end and everyone leaving seemed to agree they had been thoroughly entertained and would recommend this one as a “can’t and don’t miss experience”

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