How to Let go of the World and Love all the Things Climate Can’t Change – Director, Josh Fox

Okay – I am a bit focussed on climate change and this year’s festival gave me many opportunities to indulge my obsession. Josh Fox, the director of this film also directed one of the more recent and important climate change films Gasland. So I figured this one had to be good. It starts from him noticing that a tree he planted in his home community as a child is dying and he wants to understand why. The question sends him on a trip around the world to see how the places and things that people treasure are being lost as a direct result of climate change and its effects on their homes and countries. The stories are heart wrenching but the responses of the people affected are encouraging. It turns out that the things climate can’t change are our ability to react and fight against those that would continue the assault on our world. He documents many of these struggles from individual acts to community resistance. The film does help those of us who are really depressed about what is happening to see the possibility of change and perhaps a way toward saving what we have left. Uplifting.