I am the Blues – Director, Daniel Cross

I will be clear. This was simply the best film I saw during my week at Hot Docs and one of the best movies I have seen in some time. Yes I am obsessed with climate change but music is something else that grabs my attention and this film along with Song of Lahore (reviewed elsewhere on this blog site) is simply wonderful. Interestingly the film is funded entirely from Canada and has a Canadian director but it set in the deep south of the U.S. in Mississippi and Louisiana. It is a tribute to the original blues musicians of the deep south most of whom are now in their 70’s and 80’s and some of whom passed away shortly after the film was completed. The viewer however is treated to a close-up and engaging interaction with these musicians. You feel as a viewer are right there with them as they are interviewed, talk among themselves and are followed to performances. The music and the interviews are brilliantly intertwined to complement one another and not interfere with the feeling of the blues that is generated by their openness. It is hard to describe the story as such. One almost becomes friends with the singers and that is something that is a tribute to the film makers and to the musicians. The coolest part for me was at the end. The director and one of the stars of the film – Bobby Rush were standing right next to my seat and I got to thank them both very much for making the film and I shook hands with Bobby which was a real thrill. Look the only way to give you a feel for what you are going to see is to send you to the website where there are all sorts of short cuts from the film and extra scenes. Go to: http://iamthebluesmovie.com/ and enjoy.