Molly’s Game – Director, Aaron Sorkin

Molly’s Game is nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay and in my opinion should win. Based on a true story it is a smart rapid-fire script delivered in style by Idris Elba and Jessica Chastain as the leads. Given the high quality of films last year this one got left off the Best Picture list but certainly was worth consideration. It tells the story of Molly Bloom whose career as a world class Olympic skier is dashed by injury. While her father’s coaching drove her to Olympic quality she was not without ambition herself and with her skiing career in ruins she moved on. Through a series of lucky breaks she ends up running one of most exclusive high stakes poker games in the world attracting movie stars, millionaires, sports stars and, initially unknown to her, the Russian mob. The latter leads to her downfall and arrest by the FBI. Idris Elba is the lawyer who takes her case and we move from the game to the courts. Sorkin who is debuting as a director with this film is one of my favourite screenplay writers if not my favourite, Credits include movies like A Few Good Men, A Social Network and Moneyball and TV series like West Wing and The Newsroom. Fast, smart, witty scripts that make you sit up and pay attention are his thing. Try to see this movie for a great entertaining time.

Postscript: Kevin Costner plays Molly’s father in a small but important role. At the show I attended I heard several people comment how much they liked his performance. Its true. He is very good.